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  m/s Vindbådan
  m/s Öfararen
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 Trade Area D (sheltered waters)

The Vindbådan's size, manoeuvrability and speed make her ideal for exciting cruises and voyages of discovery in the landscape of islands outside Stockholm. No other vessel can find its way like the Vindbådan, and her design makes for easy mooring to rocky islets, island and jetties alike. Enjoy meals, coffee, alcoholic beverages at hotels and restaurants on the islands or stay on board and savour the high level of service the Vindbådan always has to offer. Ideal for long or short cruises at any time of year. The perfect vessel, whatever your needs.

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Length: 17 m
Breadth: 4,2 m
Draft: 0,9 m
Speed: 22 knots (max 30 knots)
Passengers: Totally 73, of which 48 is seats with table
Machinery: 2 x Scania DSI 11, total effekt 995 hps
Propulsion: Kamewa/FF-Jet Water jet propulsion
Big aft deck
Built in 1988 at Docksta Shipyard, Sweden.

 Trade Area C (open sea; maximum 15NM from sheltered mooring)

The "Öfararen" was built in Norway as an ambulance and passenger vessel. She got the name "Streif Senior" and her home port became Hammerfest in Nordkap, the very north part of Norway. She were used as a stand-by ambulance craft, always manned and ready for turnout to the most remote islands.

Streif Senior" and her two sister vessels early got a reputation as very seaworthy and safe vessels in the rough sea outside the Nordkap area. In 1999 she were sold to Stord Cruise Sevice A/S. She were then set into service in Stavanger, as a shuttle to an oil rig under a maintenance period. In September 2000 "Streif Senior" were sold to Dalarö Sjötransporter. After the voyage around Scandinavia, her new home port became Dalarö in the Stockholm Archipelago. She were rebuilt and fitted for her new duty as a cruiseship and charter vessel in the beautiful landscape of islands outside Stockholm. Her new name became Öfararen; the swedish word for "the island traveller


Length 16,5 m
Breadth 5,45 m
Draft 1,35 m
Speed 17 knop (max 20 knop)
Passengers Totally 60, of which 40 is seats with table
Machinery 2 x MTU 12V 183AA, total effekt 1000 hk / hps
Propulsion Propellers
Promenade deck around entire deckhouse.
Dinghy for expeditions.
Built in 1979 at Fjellstrand Aluminium, Omastrand, Norway



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